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TEAM UP! Europe in questions and answers

Who can take part in the TEAM UP! Europe project?

Apart from being at least 18 y.o., there is just one formal condition to compete – you must hold a passport of a European Athletics member state.

How can I apply for the TEAM UP! Europe?

Those interested in participating in the competition are asked to send an email to

Who selects the runners for each team?

The team rosters were determined individually by the athletes and their coaches.

Who selected the teams’ managers?

The project was presented to dozens of people, agencies and entities active in the European running market. The decision to build a team and submit it for competition was an individual decision in each case.

How will the final scores be calculated for TEAM UP! Europe?

The team’s result will be the sum of the best male and best female results achieved in the 46th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon.

What if two teams have the same score?

In such a situation, the teams will be classified in the same position.

Can my team apply for the TEAM UP! Europe competition?

Yes, please send an email to; however, we do not guarantee that your team will be invited.

What happens if less than two team members finish the race?

Completion of the race by only one male or one female athlete from the team means the team will not be classified.

Will TEAM UP! Europe take place in the same formula in 2025?

The project is long-term, but during this year’s edition, many ideas for its improvement in the future will surely emerge. We will decide on any changes for next year after the event concludes.

Can athletes who are members of teams in the TEAM UP! Europe competition also win individual prizes in the marathon?

Yes, the individual classification in the 46th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon is independent of the team classification.

I am a professional runner. How can I apply to run in the 46th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon if I have not joined any of the teams?

In such a situation, please send an email to Each matter will be considered individually.

TEAM UP Everyone – the amateurs’ team contest

Who can take part in TEAM UP! everyone?
Anyone who is registered for the Warsaw Marathon and will be in a group of 3 or 4 people who want to form a team.

In addition – but only if you want a chance to be included in the professionals’ ranking (TEAM UP! Europe) – everyone on the team must have a passport of a European country (in the sense of European Athletics membership). In practice, that applies only to teams that have the ambition to run at a pace (almost) equal to that of professional runners.

Can teams be male only?
No, they have to be mixed. Each team must run at least one woman and one man.

Is it the same as the Marathon Relay?
No, it isn’t! In a relay race, each runner covers only part of the distance. In TEAM UP! Everyone they all run 42 kilometres and 195 meters.

What can you gain by running as a team in TEAM UP! everyone?
First of all, the team’s runs go along with special motivation. The team spirit is hard to compare with any other feeling. But that’s not all – you also get a chance to compete with professionals. And the best crew in TEAM UP! Everyone – if they meet the condition of representing only European countries – can also win a significant cash prize, as they will be classified in TEAM UP! Europe – the pro competition.

In that case, do you need a professional sports license?
No, the event is open to amateurs, just as is the marathon individual classification.

What are the rewards in TEAM UP! Everyone?
The top three teams get trophies. In addition, the fastest team also receives a financial prize in the TEAM UP! Europe >>

What if 2 or 3 amateur teams overtake the pros?
Prize and place in TEAM UP! Europe is only earned by the fastest amateur team.

Are the teams selected by the organizer?
No, everything is in the hands (or rather legs) of the runners themselves. They form mixed teams (of 3 or 4 people) and submit to the team classification.

How does one register?
Anyone who wants to be in the team must first receive a starting number in the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon. So the order is as follows – first personal registration, and then registration in a special registration module dedicated to TEAM UP! Everyone.

Does the team competition apply only to teams from Poland?
No, we welcome runners from different countries. They do not have to form “national” teams – you can join forces with runners from other countries.

Are the TEAM UP! competitions classified by gun times or net times?
Only net times, from crossing the start line to the finish line (also for the fastest). Unlike in the individual classification, where the best of the elite are classified as per gun times (from the starter’s shot).

If our team applies to TEAM UP! Everyone – how exactly will the results be counted?

The time will be converted into points according to the World Athletics conversion factor, so as to ensure comparability of results, regardless of how many runners there are in a particular team.

The results of the team’s top three players in points will be taken into account, for example:

Team X Male runner 1 – Net Time – 2:12:30 -> 1,117 pts
Team X Male runner 2 – Net Time – 2:13:30 -> 1.100 pts
Team X Female runner 1 – Net Time – 2:32:00 -> 1,113 pts
Team X Female runner 2 Net Time – 2:33:00 -> 1.103 pts

For the final result of the team, we take the 3 highest scoring results (Male 1, Female 1 and Female 2): 1117 + 1113 + 1103 = 3333 points.

So Team X’s final score is 3333 points.

What if not all team members complete the marathon?
For a team to be classified, the marathon must be completed by at least two team members.

Are runners enrolled in TEAM UP! Everyone also ranked individually?

Of course! The individual classification is independent of the team ranking. Running in a team, you can also compete for places and prizes in the general classification, in age categories, etc.

Can we run with a friend who represents Russia?
Unfortunately not.

Can runners from Belarus take part?
Only if they are refugees and expressly denounce their country’s current policy.