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Building the team is for everyone. And so is getting to compete in a game nearly identical with the professionals’ race – everyone can do it! 

It’s just enough to register for the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon and invite 2-3 other runners to your team. One thing is guaranteed: you will take part in a fascinating competition.

What are the rules for TEAM UP! Everyone then?

TEAM UP! Everyone is the team contest within the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon. Participants are bound by the Regulations of the race.

The competition is open for runners registered as Warsaw Marathon participants and were assigned bib numbers. Each team must include three or four runners, and unlike in TEAM UP! Europe, there is NO requirement for both genders within the team. There is also NO requirement to be a European country citizen.

Runners who underwent a process of gender readjustment may only take part in the competition as long as their gender representation is in line with current World Athletics regulations.

The person submitting the team application becomes its captain.

Changes in the team set-up can be made until September 10, 2023.

The basis is the point converter used by World Athletics: pointscalc/calc.html. Each team’s final result will include the best 3 point scores calculated at the finish of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon. 

The final result of the team will be calculated on the basis of the World Athletics point converter ( and will be the sum of the best 3 point scores obtained in the 45th NationaleNederlanden Warsaw Marathon by the team’s runners.

Should two or more teams have the same score, the final classification will be determined by the score of the fourth member. If this factor does not determine the order, the teams will be classified in the same place.

For a team to be classified, a minimum of two members must complete the race.

All further details of the competition will be announced on August 1, 2023.

Detailed rules of the TEAM UP! Everyone competition can be found on the website of the 45th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon.

How can you follow the competition?

From the organisational side, the TEAM UP! Europe competition is a huge undertaking. Its main goal is to increase the attractiveness of the marathon spectacle for the audience. As such, development of regulations and putting the prize system together is only the beginning. The key thing is how to enable people to follow the competition in such a way that real emotions are born.

First of all – we invite you to follow our media. On the website, every Tuesday we will add the silhouette of the next team participating in the competition and present the athletes’ profiles. In addition, we encourage you to like and follow Team Up! Europe social media accounts, where we are going to track the preparations – showing players, teams and organisers in this unique event on an ongoing basis.

Secondly – we encourage everyone to create their own team! Any runner who brings a further two or three friends along can join us. TEAM UP! Everyone!

Third – and the most important aspect. Both competitions – TEAM UP! Europe and Team Up! Everyone – will be live-streamed on the race day. On September 24, from 8:45 am, you can watch the runners’ struggle in the online broadcast mode, but also in the web application that allows you to track the results minute by minute. We surely won’t run short of emotions!